The Société Québécoise de Biologie Clinique is pleased to invite you to participate in its new program of quality indicators comparison. Monitoring processes from blood sampling to the communication of results for different types of patients, the program will allow users to follow their improvement and compare their data with the results of other laboratories across Canada.

We have developed a user-friendly, web-based platform for the registration of users and the submission of data with associated analytical profiles. Thanks to personalized and interactive reports, users can observe the evolution of their performance over time, and compare it with other laboratories’.

Our Quality Indicators

Indicateur 2018
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New indicators in 2019

9. Rate of hemolysis in clinical chemistry
10. Rate of misidentified requests or samples

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Personalized and interactive reports are generated after each cycle. Users can follow their performance over time and compare it with that of other laboratories simply by looking at a boxplot displaying the distribution of data.

Report Single User

Multisite users can analyze the performance of all laboratories in the same graphic. Reports can be personalized using the interactive legend.

Reports Multisite

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